Canadians cannot afford another tax!

This week, the Liberal government announced their plan for a federal carbon tax that will force all Canadian jurisdictions to impose this job-killing and price-hiking tax on all Canadians, despite having previously committed to working collaboratively with provinces and territories. In fact, at the time of the Prime Minister’s announcement, environment ministers were meeting in Montreal to discuss climate change strategies, and were surprised by the announcement. They were so surprised, in fact, that ministers from Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia walked out of the meeting.

“Ultimately, it’s Canadians – families, workers, consumers, business owners, the middle class, people on fixed incomes, the working poor, and charities, who are going to pay the high costs and increased prices of all goods and services – the result of yet another tax,” said M.P. Stubbs. “This particular tax will disproportionately target and harm rural, remote and energy-based communities and increase the cost of living on everyone in Canada. It’s just another cold-hearted cash grab from this Liberal government.”

“There is a reason a carbon tax has been referred to as a ‘tax on everything’ in the past,” noted petition initiator Bernard Hancock, an oil and gas worker from Vancouver, B.C. currently employed on a rig near Grande Prairie who has struggled to find work during the downturn. “This tax will increase the already high prices on everything from the gas we put in our cars, to the food we put on our tables. We’re already working hard just to make ends meet, and this will make things even worse.”
M.P. Stubbs questioned the Liberal government’s motives for introducing this tax, and the fact that the Prime Minister announced his plan before meaningful consultation and parliamentary debate.

“Canada accounts for less than 2% of global emissions. The effectiveness of such a tax in significantly reducing global emissions is questionable. This is another Liberal cash grab to take money from hard-working Canadians to finance their big spending,” said M.P. Stubbs. “Minister McKenna’s statements imply exactly this: that the money collected from this tax will be invested by the government rather than returned to Canadians. There is no guarantee that the tax revenue will even be earmarked for environmental stewardship, management, or innovation, rather than used as a general revenue tool.”

A number of provinces and territories have voiced opposition to this ‘one size fits all’ approach by the Liberal government. Premier Brad Wall of Saskatchewan has been very vocal in his criticism of this tax, and has received support from the three territorial premiers who oppose a unilateral “made in the South” tax. Additionally, Premier Stephen McNeil of Nova Scotia is concerned that the carbon tax already in place in his province would be negatively affected by a national carbon pricing scheme imposed by the Liberal government.

“I will continue to fight against this additional tax on Canadian workers and families,” said M.P. Stubbs. “I encourage all Canadians who oppose this punitive cash grab by the Liberal government to support, sign and share this petition.”

Concerned Canadians can sign the petition at