Fiscal Update

Halfway through their mandate, the Liberals have very little to celebrate and much to answer for.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s policies are hurting the very people that he claims to want to help and Liberal tax hikes are making it increasingly difficult for Canadians to make ends meet.

Conservatives believe in lowering taxes, and we will continue to bring forward a positive, Conservative vision for Canadians frustrated by the Liberals’ out of control spending habits.

The Liberals spent all summer selling their bad ideas from coast to coast to coast; Ideas that will harm farmers and small business owners in Lakeland and across Canada.
Their fall economic update represents the same Liberal story:
High taxes, high deficits, winners and losers, pitting sectors against sectors, and no plan to get Canada back on track.

A Fraser Institute report found that 81% of middle class families are paying more tax under the Liberals. That’s an average of more than $840 each year!!!!

Here’s how:
The Liberals imposed a carbon tax, raised payroll taxes, proposed higher taxes on businesses and farmers, added an escalator clause to increase taxes every year on goods and services, tried to tax employee discounts, and most recently, ‘Reassessed’ the interpretation of existing tax credits to limit Canadians living with disabilities and illnesses from receiving some help.

All this while doubling the deficit with no end in sight. These higher taxes hurt Canadians and weaken the economy.

As Prime Minister Trudeau spends and spends on the back of future generations, your Conservative Opposition will continue to fight for hardworking Canadians.