Lakeland MP Celebrates Scheer Win

July 6, 2017

OTTAWA—On Saturday, May 27th, 2017 Conservative members from all regions of Canada elected the party’s new leader, the youngest Speaker in Canadian history who served during the previous government, the MP for Regina Qu’appelle in Saskatchewan, Andrew Scheer.

“I am excited that Conservative members elected Andrew to lead our movement into the next election. He, his family, and his team ran exactly the kind of campaign they set out to do: Andrew focused on the issues that unite us, on the future, and on Conservative principles and values,” said Shannon Stubbs, MP for Lakeland. “Conservative members and MPs are looking forward to working with Andrew to grow our party, and to earn the confidence of Canadians.”

Stubbs has been an active member of Scheer’s leadership team since he launched his bid, along with 24 of her Conservative colleagues. Stubbs’ riding of Lakeland gave Scheer the second highest level of support of Alberta ridings represented by MPs.

“Andrew positively articulates core Conservative values – low taxes for every day Canadians, their families and businesses, responsible government that puts needs before wants, balanced budgets, the rights of victims over criminals, strong and principled foreign policy, and individual rights and freedoms. Andrew’s success confirms all kinds of Conservatives are at home in our party: fiscal, social, libertarian, populist, and progressive. More Canadians voted in this leadership contest than in any political party’s leadership race in history, and the Conservative party is stronger than ever before.”

Scheer won with a slim margin of 50.95% to 49.05% on the final ballot. Scheer received broad based support from members, earning 59% of support from progressive and centrist supporters of Erin O’Toole, Lisa Raitt and Michael Chong, and 57% of the points won by social conservative candidate Brad Trost. Scheer also won the overall popular vote with 53%.

“Conservatives are strongest when we work together. The 2015 election didn’t turn out the way we hoped, but we emerged strong, with 99 MPs, and Rona Ambrose built an effective and assertive Official Opposition to hold the Liberals to account. I’m confident Andrew will continue to be the voice for Canadian taxpayers and, like Diefenbaker once said, for “the common man”, because he is one,” said MP Stubbs.

Scheer hosted his first National Caucus meeting on Monday, meeting with all Conservative MPs members together in Ottawa. The 38 year old leader was first elected in 2004, and he is married to Jill Scheer. They have five children, Thomas, Madeline, Grace, Henry and Mary, who was born just after the 2015 election.