Liberal Delays Causing Investor Uncertainty and Impacting Job Growth

Ottawa, ON – Today, Member of Parliament for Lakeland and Deputy Critic for Natural Resources Shannon Stubbs, and Member of Parliament for Foothills and Official Opposition Deputy Critic for Workforce, Employment and Labour John Barlow, expressed their disappointment with the delays of the Liberal government on critical decisions, while they continue to push a job-killing carbon tax.

Alberta lost another 24,000 jobs in May, increasing the unemployment rate to 7.9%, the highest it has been in twenty years. Now, when the industry needs support, while people are losing their jobs and businesses are failing, the Liberal government’s solution is to introduce a carbon tax.

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna has said “it is time for the Conservatives to get with the program,” but Conservatives do not support initiatives that hurt businesses and Canadian families. We certainly will not rubber stamp programs that have not even been introduced, just to placate Liberal ministers.

“This Liberal government is bent on piling more costs on hard-working Canadians at the very worst time. Their plan for a job-killing, cash-grabbing carbon tax is just another example of bad policy that will only hurt families, business owners, the middle class, people on fixed incomes, the working poor and charities,” said M.P. Stubbs. “The new NDP carbon tax in Alberta will cost charities like the Calgary Food Bank tens of thousands of dollars in added costs when their non-profit budgets are already stretched thin. We know that a carbon tax at any level of government is simply a revenue generator to feed reckless spending and out of control deficits masquerading as environmental policy.”
“It seems like every decision that the Liberal government makes is costing Albertans their jobs,” said M.P. Barlow. “Now is not the time to raise taxes on Canadian families and job creating businesses. In provinces which have already imposed carbon taxes, this will be a tax on a tax, imposing even more of a burden on families and businesses. We need the Liberals to start making decisions on critical infrastructure projects and defending Canada’s world-renowned regulatory regime, which will spark investor confidence in our energy sector.”

“While the Liberal government dreams up ways to impose new taxes, Conservatives will continue to fight to keep taxes low for all hardworking Canadians,” added M.P. Stubbs. “The Liberal government needs to explain why, at this time of economic uncertainty and high unemployment, they think it is the time to impose a carbon tax – a tax which increases the cost of everything – on all Canadians.”