Tax, Tax, Tax

Canadians have already heard many accounts of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government mismanaging tax dollars – from the Prime Minister’s personal travel expenses, to Ministerial limo rides and office renovations.

But the vanity and misuse has hit a whole new level. Canadians recently learned the Prime Minister actually spent $2,000 on cardboard cut-outs of himself. The laughable excuse given for this arrogance was that the cut-outs were needed to champion the values that Canadians hold dear. Canadians aren’t buying it.

It the meantime, we’ve learned the Liberals spent at least $14,500 (US) on custom filters for the mobile app Snapchat over the past year, and also tens of thousands of dollars on TVs (including almost $14,000 for a single unit at Indigenous Affairs).

We also can’t help but notice Justin Trudeau has a way of handing out tax dollars to people who don’t want it or need it. Take, for example, his night out on Broadway with Ivanka Trump where he spent $30,000 on admission tickets for bank and law firm executives.

On top of that, the Liberals voted to add an escalator tax on beer, wine and spirits–which sets a scary precedent of taxation policies for the future. Escalator tax means the tax will continue to increase–forever–with the cost of inflation. It will go up every single year.

Are these cardboard cut-outs, Snapchat filters and Broadway tickets for the Prime Minister’s elite friends while raising taxes on everyone else a good use of your tax dollars?